Argo Tractors and Granit partnership agreement

Argo Tractors and Granit, partnership agreement

Argo Tractors recently signed an agreement with Granit, one of Europe's most important suppliers of quality replacement parts, the strategic goal being to increasingly enhance the support provided to the sales network.

In addition to offering original Argo Tractors components, the Argo Tractors European sales network can now use the customized “ArgoTech” portal to access the vast range of Granit products dedicated to tractors, harvesting machines and agricultural implements, with over 250,000 articles available in stock and 8 million viewable in the online webshop.

During the initial launch phase, “ArgoTech” will be accessible to the entire sales network in Italy, Spain, France, Germany and UK, the service will then be extended to other EU country distribution channels of Argo Tractors.

Granit, which belongs to the Fricke Group, is an important enterprise in the spare parts industry: with a history dating back almost one hundred years, the company, which is situated in Heeslingen, North Germany, has acquired unrivalled technical skills and extensive knowledge of the sector. So much so, it can now provide an optimum combination of product quality and quality customer service.

Besides supplying aftermarket replacement parts, Granit also markets agricultural implements and is an authorized Bosch centre for repairing fuel injection pumps.

Thanks to this agreement, the Argo Tractors sales network will be able to expand its business and improve end customer assistance by providing a full range of replacement parts for all the main brands of agricultural machines, while achieving all-round dealer involvement in the Landini, McCormick and Valpadana customer service.

As well as supplying replacement parts, Granit will offer Argo Tractors dealers a design & customizing service so that retail outlets can be created in their premises, complete with layouts and display stands for selling components and equipment for small workshops. Regularly supplied with a variety of products able to cater for multiple needs, these points of sale will become destination stores for agricultural enterprises thanks to this comprehensive support service.

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