Argo Tractors and xFarm Technologies partners in digital agriculture: “A solution for environmental and economic sustainability”

Argo Tractors has signed a partnership with xFarm Technologies, a tech company dedicated to the digitalisation of the agri-food sector, in order to tackle the challenges of environmental and economic sustainability and increased productivity in modern-day and future agriculture. The two companies have joined forces in a new digitalisation project, which has been bolstered by the leadership that they are able to offer in cutting-edge agricultural mechanisation and in the data analysis, processing and application.

In the last years, Argo Tractors, manufacturer of the Landini, McCormick and Valpadana tractors, has been actively engaged in a digitalisation process, which has entailed investments in B2B and B2C e-commerce, ISObus technology, telematics and remote diagnostics (thanks to a framework agreement with ACTIA), and GPS assisted guidance (developed with Topcon). Today, this process has reached new heights in terms of absolute excellence and technology thanks to the agreement signed with xFarm Technologies, which will allow the Farm Management Information System (FMIS) to be applied to all the group’s tractors.

Simeone Morra, Corporate Business Director of Argo Tractors

“The partnership that we are inaugurating today is a further step forward in the digitalisation process, in which we have always strongly believed and heavily invested,” explains Simeone Morra, Corporate Business Director of Argo Tractors. “It also represents the start of an ambitious strategic plan, whereby we intend to offer our customers advanced tractors able to meet the needs of today’s market in terms of functionality, environmental and social sustainability. This also means greater efficiency and more productivity. The agriculture of the future will be characterised by new levels of competitiveness, which are measured in terms of product quality, increased productivity, decreased costs and the collection, integration and application of data. Thanks to this partnership we will achieve these goals and will provide our companies with competitive advantages.”

The project is based on the experience gained by xFarm Technologies, which developed the xFarm platform to provide operators with a simple and intuitive farm management system. The app offers various basic functions designed to simplify general management tasks by allowing for the complete digital management of fields, activities and fleets of machinery. Thanks to the sensors in the field and the connected machinery, it also ensures complete, real-time monitoring of the farm and the vehicles, thus assisting the farmer in taking operational and agronomic decisions. This partnership will also benefit all the other players in the agri-food chain. The data provided by the agricultural machinery represent the true binding element underlying the agricultural process. Digitalisation not only guarantees greater agronomic efficiency, but also improves production monitoring at the supply chain level, with the interconnected vehicles recording every activity carried out, thus improving traceability and even providing sustainability reports.

Matteo Vanotti CEO of xFarm Technologies

“This strategic partnership is based on a common vision: to provide farmers with the most suitable technological tools in order to ensure increasingly efficient and sustainable production,” says Matteo Vanotti CEO of xFarm Technologies. “Agricultural machinery represents an invaluable data source, and we are thrilled to co-operate with a major international player like Argo Tractors on this project. Having data analysis and processing tools available is the first step to making the most of these tractors, providing farms with new services and constant support.”

“The digital strategy in which Argo Tractors has been investing for several years now is aimed at offering customers an inclusive experience: from the tractor itself, to the related digital and off-line services, complete with smart and user-friendly management”, explains Antonio Salvaterra, Marketing Director of Argo Tractors.

“The customers and sales networks play a central role in our digital project, as they have the possibility of interacting directly and taking advantage of simple yet cutting-edge technology, thus improving efficiency and profitability”.

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