Argo Tractors at the Bednary Agro Show in Poland in September

With over 100 thousand visitors expected, the Bednary venue is the most important exhibition of agricultural equipment and technologies in Poland. It is also one of the largest in Europe among those where the machines are subjected to practical tests in the open fields. Agro Show will be back in Bednary from 20 to 23 September and this year, can count on the direct presence of Argo Tractors which, thanks to its network of local dealers, will be lining up the tractors from its Landini and McCormick ranges.

Our Landini and McCormick tractors,” remarked Mario Scapin, Argo Tractors Export Director, “have always been on show through local importers at this important event in Poland, but this year we opted for a different strategy and decided to participate directly. We are forming a network of dealers in Poland that will deal straightly with Argo Tractors, while remaining in close contact with the end customers. For us, the Bednary venue will be an important step in this process. Our aim is certainly to enhance our standing on the market, but also to establish an increasingly direct relationship with our customers and ensure them a better and faster after-sales assistance”.

The Polish market is growing and has deeply changed over the past few years during which, encouraged by the opportunities offered after Poland joined the European Union, local farms have grown in size and there has been a progressively interest in modern and reliable agricultural tractors.

Today,” continued the Argo Tractors Export Director, “our Landini and McCormick ranges are fully able to meet the demands of the Polish market since both our brands feature high-power models with power ratings above 310 HP for open-field work, utility tractors and specialized tractors for orchards and vineyards. Our product families will be shown at the Bednary fair, where visitors and guests will be able to appreciate our tractors and latest novelties”.


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