Argo Tractors has set ambitious goals to maximise its manufacturing and associated processes through new material management, waste reduction techniques and inventory handling methods. This is closely linked to the introduction of new products and innovations that were presented at the World Convention in October and launched at Hanover’s Agritechnica trade fair. This will cascade across the whole organisation to achieve the goals set down.

Argo Tractors has introduced the “Kaizen” project. A business management and manufacturing system already thoroughly tried and tested by many others. One that focuses on continuous improvement of industrial processes, quality, lead time reduction, reducing waste and the ensuing manufacturing costs.

All-round waste reduction is the basic principle of the Kaizen process, "waste" meaning everything that is unable to create added value, i.e. space that it not used in the best possible way, waiting times, unnecessary movement of materials and processes. The system is directed towards a continuous flow of the industrial process through optimized handling of components and tools. Materials are collected and brought to the assembly lines based on a system used by the “supermarkets” that puts the right components for each unit being assembled.
This technique simplifies the tasks of the assembly line workers and gives them time to correctly fit each piece during the assembly process which ultimately results in a quality process. It also makes for a cleaner, safer working environment as well as improving the overall appearance of the shop floor.

These changes in our manufacturing process achieved with the Kaizen project have cascaded throughout all the Argo Tractor factories, from Fabbrico to San Martino in Rio and Luzzara. Thanks to the project, our assembly lines are constantly upgraded with the introduction of new technologies, robotic systems and automatic equipment allowing us to work with the level of accuracy, reliability and safety required by the increasingly higher production standards of the new tractor ranges designed and manufactured by Argo Tractors.

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