In order to continue offering innovative, efficient and competitive products, adequate investments need to be made: that’s why Argo Tractors began improving and upgrading its production department in 2013, investing 5.5% of the company’s turnover in Research & Development and the acquisition of new technologies. The goal is to ensure the constant improvement of the production quality and to optimise the processing times, while at the same time limiting production costs, all of which are essential factors for remaining competitive on the global market.

Since manufacturing modern tractors requires advanced production technologies that meet the latest standards, 16 new work centres have been installed in recent years.
One of these latest arrivals is the first robot-assisted Mazak lathe, thanks to which the component loading and unloading operations are performed automatically. Two more next-generation Mazak work centres were also installed in April, both of which are used for the mechanical machining of cast iron components.

Argo Tractors ricerca e sviluppo

For Argo Tractors, the decision to design and manufacture most of its tractor components directly, including the cabs, gearbox housings, forks, wheel hubs, axles, gears, shafts and on-board electronics, was a strategically important one. This not only allows the company to monitor the quality of its components directly, but also to ensure greater flexibility in terms of production times, thus allowing it to tackle production spikes without any problems.

In addition to the needs arising from the expansion of the product range and the options available to customers, the increase in the tractors’ complexity (above all the high power models) has made it necessary to have more space for the components required for assembly. For this reason, the site was closed during the month of May in order to expand the assembly line dedicated to the 120 to 310hp tractors, which now allows for all the assembly phases to be managed more efficiently.

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