Argo Tractors: the balance between machine, people and the environment

It is a stimulating and strategic balance for the sustainable development of the community: machine, people and the environment are together in a synergistic and positive tension aimed at satisfying the needs of the present generation without compromising future generations. This is the goal that Argo Tractors pursues by designing technologically advanced tractors with an approach based on efficiency, productivity as well as social and environmental sustainability.

The Italian industrial group is a leader in agricultural mechanisation and has summed up a deeply rooted corporate value in its latest communication campaign with the claim: “Improving agriculture by improving life“, accompanied by graphics centred on the elements of nature – water, earth and air – that integrate in a harmonious relationship between people, tractor and the environment.

We have condensed into this slogan the value of a commitment being deeply rooted in the history of our company and on which the Morra family has moulded the industrial group growth” – underlines Antonio Salvaterra, Marketing Director of Argo Tractors. “As a multinational company, we know that we have a responsibility towards society and the environment, in particular for our production, which is closely linked to the land and the way in which it is cultivated and enhanced. This is why we put technological innovation at the forefront of our research and development, to create efficient, high-performance tractors with a core being attentive to and respectful of the people and the environment. In this sense we also are an example, in a fruitful dialogue with customers, suppliers and collaborators“.

Our commitment to environmental protection and sustainability is reflected in our design and production choices based on Industry 4.0, as well as in the specialist training and technological renewal of our plants. For instance, since 2010 the Waterwall project has made it possible to cut the use of coolants through a regeneration process that removes foreign oils and eliminates oily mists, thus ensuring a healthy and safe working environment, together with a reduction in waste coolants, which diminishes the environmental impact of production processes. Such processes produce in-house at Argo Tractors 65% of the value of tractor components, while ensuring maximum care for product quality and sustainability.

Investments in electrification are aimed at continuous improvement through the Electra – Evolving Hybrid system of Landini REX4, which was granted the Eima International Technical Innovation Award. Its concept, which anticipates the future production, includes two electric motors on the front axle, sensors, a generator and a battery dedicated to energy recovery during braking and deceleration. This approach creates a hybrid tractor in which the diesel engine powers the front electric motors and continuously “talks” with the conventional mechanical rear final drives. The result is basically a parallel hybrid with the system that is independent of the mechanical ratio between the rear and front wheels. The combination of technological improvements offers 10% fuel savings, a 15% wider steering angle and greater stability in transport mode.

This is just one of the latest successes of the Research and Development department which, thanks to the central role it plays in the company through dedicated investments, works to develop high quality performance, design and comfort, thus making Argo Tractors products among the most sought after on the global market.

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