Adoption of new technologies is a key aspect of Argo Tractors defined product development programme. As part of this strategy, ISOBUS data technology is being adopted to standardize communication between tractor and implement and to ensure full compatibility of data transfer between mobile systems and office software. International standard ISO 11783 defines the protocol that is required to achieve this goal.

An independently run, international organization called “Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation”(AEF), was established for the purpose of defining guidelines for structured and coordinated implementation of electronic standards, with special focus on ISOBUS.

ISOBUS systems, which are now available on Landini and McCormick high-power tractor ranges, will allow data and information to be exchanged between tractor and implement in a universal language via a single console built into the tractor itself.

The Tractor ECU controller (TECU) has been fine-tuned by Argo Tractors over several months of work and passed the necessary tests conducted at Reggio Emilia Innovazione, an organization authorised to issue certification of compliance with Isobus (ISO 11783) as universal protocol.

Argo Tractors successfully completed all tests and have been awarded a certificate of compliance in September 2015.


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