The internet and new digital tools represent an opportunity to provide customers and the sales network with cutting-edge solutions for total support. At Argo Tractors we want to seize this opportunity, which is why we have decided to invest in 360-degree digital innovation.
Thanks to the digitalisation process it will be possible to reach more people to offer services that meet customer needs, with advantages for both dealers and end users.
With consumers increasingly seeking information online before making decisions, it is important to be present and recognisable to intercept their needs. This is why we have invested in the integration between Argo Tractors’ corporate tools and new instruments dedicated to dealers, exploiting the potential of tools such as e-commerce, used vehicle portals and coordinated sites designed for dealers.
The goal is to establish a solid and lasting dialogue with web users to retain potential customers, strengthening awareness of the unique value of the Landini, McCormick and Valpadana brands.

New Argo Tractors digital tools

Websites for dealers


In an interconnected world, the web offers great development opportunities. To exploit them it is necessary to focus on people, their needs and their researches. First of all it is essential to be online, but you must also be easily identifiable and available to be contacted immediately.
It is with this goal in mind that we have worked to integrate corporate sites with new sites for dealers. Websites are increasingly becoming the first point of contact with customers, which is why it is necessary to have a site that can offer a satisfying experience, which helps to guide interested people in contacting the dealer.
Dealers will have highly professional, up-to-date sites available to provide useful information with the ultimate goal of generating new customers.

There are many advantages:

  1. A catalogue that is automatically updated with all Argo Tractors products and offers.
  2. The option to customise, promote and highlight deals and the dealer’s commercial offers.
  3. Customisable buttons and calls to action (“contact us”, “download”) to generate new potential customers.
  4. Spaces dedicated to guided customisations (logos, promotions, events and local news).
  5. Hosting services and technical assistance.
  6. Integration with other tools such as e-commerce for accessories, merchandising and spare parts, in addition to the second-hand portal, to dispose of used fleets more quickly from both the dealer’s site and from the international portal.
  7. Analytics tools for valuable information on who visits the site.

Argo Tractors puts together all the necessary technical expertise to support dealers, helping them to achieve this real competitive advantage



Thanks to the official Argo Tractors e-commerce option, you can manage the sale of accessories, merchandising and high turnover spare parts directly on your site. The products are updated automatically and the sales conditions are those of the dealer. You will be able to obtain more sales and generate new contacts.
Furthermore, for the Italian, French, German and Spanish markets, you can take advantage of the logistics managed by Argo Tractors.

Used products portal

Argo Tractors has created a portal dedicated entirely to the sale of used and new stock. The second-hand advertisements that each dealer can publish on their site will also be displayed on the portal, with excellent advantages:

  1. Increased visibility for advertisements throughout the global Argo Tractors network.
  2. Advertising for your store.
  3. Faster disposal of new and used stock.
  4. Greater customer confidence in the purchase of a used product guaranteed by the Argo Tractors commitment.

A reserved area is available for each dealer where they can upload stock and consult all available listings.

Spare parts portal

argo parts ricambi

The Argo Parts Catalogue is a web application that provides you with a series of useful resources:

  1. Spare parts catalogue, with all tractor spare parts divided by family, product and model.
  2. Quick reference is the tool that helps the service network to identify the spare parts with the highest turnover, for easier management of the ready-to-use stock.
  3. Order entry, is the tool that allows you to buy Argo Tractors spare parts more easily. From your PC, tablet or smartphone you can choose and monitor all delivery information.

Easy Sell

Argo Tractors helps you optimise sales and get more customers with a dedicated tool: Easy Sell. Available as an app or web version, Easy sell allows you to show customers products, specifications, and materials such as brochures and videos. It also allows you to manage prices, discounts, integrate accessories and make offers in real time.
In addition to these services, the web version allows you to share materials with the sales team, manage the CRM, consult visit reports, approve offers, use the agenda, access Google Maps, view meeting minutes with customers, and access the document archive – all constantly updated!



Get to know current and potential customers to close sales

The CRM (customer relationship management) tool is the technology that allows you to manage relationships and interactions with current and potential customers. The goal is simple: to improve business relationships and increase profitability.
Argo Tractors offers you the opportunity to have a complete overview of useful information on customers, contacts, and open/closed opportunities to identify new business channels and conclude business faster.
With the integrated tools it is possible to set up marketing activities, such as creating campaigns and sending emails, to retain existing customers and acquire new ones, as well as managing the contacts received via the website form.
Data are stored and monitored to obtain information that allows you to effectively intercept customer needs, increasing the chances of closing new sales.

Digital communication: dialogue with customers

To intercept potential customers it is necessary to appear on the main web channels in a clearly visible position. This is why Argo Tractors invests in digital communication to encourage contact that can then lead to sales.

SEO activity: optimise the site to get more contacts

The more people visit your site, the more likely they are to contact you and become potential customers. This is why it is important to take action with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services to increase the site’s visibility on search engines.
It is particularly important to be easily found during user searches, especially at the local level, to appear on Google Maps for those who carry out searches by PC or smartphone and encourage visits to the dealership.

Social media: engaging and retaining people

The company social pages bring together a virtual community that conti1nuously interacts with the brand. The followers interact at any time and this is why the messages conveyed can be very persuasive.
Creating loyalty and spreading brand awareness becomes easier: Argo Tractors offers dealers a guide specifically designed to provide social media content and images to keep these channels active and updated, helping dealers to develop contacts and share valuable material with current and potential customers.


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