From Eima, Argo Tractors launches a challenge for global development

A start on a grand scale for Argo Tractors at Eima International 2018, the important agricultural equipment trade show that began on Wednesday in Bologna, attracting industry professionals, press and government officials from around the world. Presenting important innovations involving its Landini, McCormick and Valpadana tractors, the Industrial Group illustrated its latest results, current projects and future objectives during a busy press conference.

Our objectives for the next 5 years“, announced Alberto Morra, a member of Argo Tractors‘s management committee, “are to further expand our product range, both downwards and upwards, with entry-level products on the one hand and technologically specific on the other, becoming even more global to reach all those parts of the world where we are still not yet present, and to compete more and more broadly to achieve even more ambitious goals, thanks to what has always been and always will be our primary focus: the tractor“.

Mario Danieli, Country Manager Italy, kicked off the press conference by welcoming those in attendance, and he was followed by Antonio Salvaterra, Argo Tractors Marketing Director, who presented the product lines and the new developments involving the group’s brands, starting with McCormick, the perfect combination of power and technology, and in particular the X7.6 P6-Drive series: numerous updates have been introduced that guarantee an increase in performance and on-board technology, making the vehicle user friendly and connecting it to an online fleet management system. The increased comfort is evident in the high quality of the materials used, the attention to detail, and in the spacious, quiet cab.

For the Landini range all eyes were on the REX 4 series and its 2019 Model Year in a new metallic blue livery with matt black rims, winner of the Eima 2018 Technical Innovation Award thanks to the Advanced Driving System, the assisted-driving technology developed by Argo Tractors. “This award“, declared Antonio Salvaterra, “endorses Argo Tractors’ efforts to develop solutions that make our customers’ work safer and more efficient, taking advantage of advanced mechatronic solutions. In the last year, Argo Tractors has launched a marketing and communications strategy aimed at reinforcing the identity of our brands and conveying the values of innovation, technology and passion embodied in our tractors”.

 Franco Artoni, Business Development Manager – Global Marketing and Parts, presented Argo 4.0, the digitalisation project announced at Agritechnica 2017 and now fully operational: “Over the last year“, he explained, “the group has focused its efforts on three areas, even making significant investments: customer care and satisfaction, the image of our dealers and digital transformation. Tools have been introduced to increase the level of customer service and others that aim to encourage the growth of our sales network, starting from the image of our dealers or from the use of new web platforms, e-commerce and social media. The result is that our dealers – increasing in number – are enthusiastic and our customers satisfied”.

 Simeone Morra, Corporate Business Director, went into greater detail on the results achieved and the sales network development strategies. He noted that the company’s next objectives focus on “the conquest of the Eastern markets, from Russia to India and China, the creation of new commercial partnerships based on the example of what was done with Anadolu in Turkey, the opening of new branches and the development of existing ones like in South Africa, the growth of long-standing co-operation like in Tunisia, and the identification of new importers and distributors in strategic areas like Denmark and Romania“.

We know that the challenge will be daunting and difficult“, concluded Alberto Morra at the end of the press conference, “because we all have ambitious plans and taking market share away from the competition is almost never easy, but working with determination, courage and passion – as we have always done – I am sure that we will be quite successful“.

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