The 2022 Landini and McCormick calendars enhance the soul of tractors

Argo Tractors, the leading Italian industrial group in agricultural machinery, has not failed to renew the traditional appointment with its calendars dedicated to the Landini and McCormick tractors. With elegant illustrations, emotional images, and catchy slogans the two calendars enhance the soul of the two brands.
Ironic, social, modern, but true to tradition. This is how the 2022 calendar represents Landini: a brand that tells a story of passion and innovation.

“Through its continuous ability to renew itself and anticipate the spirit of the times, Landini reveals itself as a brand that is both contemporary and inspiring”, – highlights Antonio Salvaterra, marketing director of Argo Tractors – “and these characteristics are evident in this edition’s graphic and photographic features, which are also accompanied by the typical direct language of social media”.

McCormick’s new 2022 calendar shows images that relate to global performance, technology, and power.

“In the 12 pictures of the new calendar,” explains Antonio Salvaterra, “we have emphasised – through images at work and in the field – the most appreciated qualities of McCormick tractors. Our invitation is to the public to pay attention to the quality and authenticity of our tractors, by underlining month by month the most reliable features, high technology, performance, and great power. Let’s say these are 12 shots of the real world”.

The calendars can be requested from your local dealer and can also be viewed on the Landini and McCormick websites.

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