Argo Tractors’ Digital Transformation project began in November 2017, at the opening of the Agritechnica trade fair in Hannover, Germany. It was at that time that the Italian multinational company announced its great communications challenge: its transformation into a 4.0 company and its strategy of developing its network of importers and dealers, in which the industrial group has made several major investments.

One year later, during the last edition of the Eima International exhibition in Bologna, the initial results achieved were presented, with the online publication of a number of digital tools and projects.

And it was precisely the digital areas in which investments affecting the entire group have been made, with updates to the Corporate web area, the creation of Dealer websites, and the introduction of tools designed to facilitate the marketing, external communications, and customer management activities. Starting with the Digital Library, a virtual archive linked to the Argo Tractors online platform, where all the dealers can go to view, customise, and download materials of various kinds: from technical brochures to advertising campaigns. “Thanks to this operation, all the material is produced at the company’s headquarters, with the possibility of carrying out customisations, for each country, that are consistent with our brands’ Mission,” explains Antonio Salvaterra, Marketing Director for Argo Tractors. “In this manner we’re able to guarantee uniform communications for each subsidiary, dealer and importer that are consistent with our brands’ values, thus increasing the impact of these messages upon all of our customers, as well as the general public. The information is therefore faster and more accurate at the same time.”

The digital Sales package also includes a Geomarketing tool designed to help the sales network monitor the trends by market area in terms of volumes and categories of tractors, highlighting the best-selling brands. A gauge that’s capable of determining how to set up and where to focus the promotional campaigns, while at the same time providing for simulations and studies aimed at optimising the management of the sales areas themselves.

Furthermore, like every modern vehicle manufacturer, Argo Tractors 4.0 offers a product configurator that allows customers to generate a quote for a fully-personalised tractor, including the type, the model, the version and all the specific options. Digital tools and applications, which communicate with one another and prepare personalised offers for new products, as well as for scheduled maintenance.

Finally, the optimisation of the company’s web presence, through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and the increased visibility of the Argo Tractors and dealers’ websites on the search engines, has been extremely effective for increasing overall traffic and for intercepting the searches of potential customers.

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